Corn Season is here! Happy dance, happy dance!!!!


Oh joy! Corn season is upon us. We've got too many favorite ways to eat it to count. Hot and buttery, of course. Amazingly delicious elote - grilled, slightly charred, slathered in creamy, spicy chile goodness. On the sweet site in puddingy cake, topped with juicy purple berries. As griddle cakes, the sweet kernels bursting in your mouth and blending with the slightly salty taste of butter and sweet maple syrup. Not as common, but no less delicious, fresh sweet corn ice cream topped with juicy peaches to get the full summer effect. Instead of offering you one recipe of our own this month, we've compiled a list of some of favorite ways to enjoy corn. Come on over to Facebook and tell us your favorite way to enjoy corn and which of these recipes you try. Some recipes you might want to try:

Elote (we suggest skipping the mayo in the recipe and just using crema, or try both and see which you prefer)
Elote en Vaso (in a cup!)
Corn, Sweet Onion, and Zucchini Saute with Fresh Mint
Fresh Corn Cakes (serve them savory with roasted tomato salsa or sweet with maple syrup)
Vaghareli Makai (spicy Indian corn)
Corn Fritters
Corn and Jalapeño Muffins
Corn Spoon Bread
Creamed Corn without the Cream
Sweet Corn Cake
Corn Ice Cream

Tabitha Steager

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